It will always be worth checking if there are any home games been played during your stay as we can easily get tickets in advance, although the games against Barcelona and Real Madrid tend to be a bit on the dear side.


Rainham Rovers F.C.  April 2009      Playing in pink for BREAKTHROUGH BREAST CANCER!!


This letter was received with thanks from Rainham Rovers:

 George & Dave,
Firstly, thank you for providing opposition on Saturday 18 April 2009. I think everyone agreed that the game was played at a pace, competitive and in a sporting manner and I believe enjoyed by all.
 Thank you for your company and arranging food after the match.
 Feel free to use Rainham Rovers FC as a testimonial, if required, on your Web address. In the event of requiring any details then feel free to contact me.
 Hopefully, we will make our visit an annual event and will not hesitate to contact you.




N.S.J.A.F.C on Tour – Mallorca 2008

“Watching a game one cold and showery winter’s weekend at John Spence I thought to myself “surely there must be warmer places to watch football.”  Eight months later I was boarding the 7:30 flight from Newcastle to Palma along with our Under 16’s team, venturing on an experience that would prove to be a very good idea.

We arrived at sunny Palma and in less than an hour were at our hotel.  Some of the lads had a sleep by the pool, some ventured out to see some of the sights, but it wasn’t too long before everyone ended up in the pool playing pool volley ball (Andy Bowman style).

At six we left the hotel and took the short walk to the Calvi Estadium, where we were all extremely impressed by the excellent facilities we were to use.  After Andy’s vigorous warm up the game kicked off in warm conditions under the Mallorcan evening sun.  The difference between the two sides was immediately apparent.  The Spanish team’s slow build up, excellent passing and long periods of possession was very interesting and in contrast to our strong, fast paced style of football.

For long periods we were chasing the game, to which point Kevin and Shaun’s use of the roll-on/roll-off substitutions proved to be a very shrewd tactical decision.  On the day I think our Spanish opposition found it very hard to break down our defence who played superb and we managed to capitalise on our chances to come away winners, all credit to the lads!  The spirit of the two sides was extremely good; both sides combining in their efforts towards the ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ initiative, which altogether contributed towards a great night and a great experience for the lads and our club’s first game in Mallorca.

We enjoyed the rest of our weekend taking in the sunshine and the Spanish culture without any of us ever managing to dethrone Andy Bowman’s championship pool volleyball team.

On behalf of North Shields Juniors A.F.C. I would like to extend our greatest gratitude towards George and Dave at Mallorca football tours for making the weekend such a success and also the people of Playas De Calvia Club De Futbol for being such excellent and accommodating hosts!” 

John Brunton, Commercial Manager, North Shields Juniors A.F.C.